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Automate production using advanced AI

Effortlessly collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Integrate with professional editing workflows

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The simplest transcription-based editor in the world enables you to build story scripts, choose b-roll, and share versions with collaborators prior to starting the final cut.

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Intuitive drag and drop interface

Empower client collaboration

Export versions for approval

Let AI analyze, index and categorize production files upon upload, saving significant time and avoiding confusing folder structures, enabling you to share organized production projects with collaborators.

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Identify faces, objects, and speech

Automatic media transcoding

Preview files online

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Built for professional editing workflows, Synema seamlessly integrates with NLEs, offering sharing of edit-ready files, precise time-code transfer, and flexible switching between proxy and original files.

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Keep your entire production process centralized by uploading edited drafts into Synema. Project collaborators can add time-coded review comments and approve final cuts saving the need to subscribe to numerous external tools.

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